She’s in love, but she’s no fool: Q&A with Carol Rose


Fox Vally Repertory is happy to present Why Do Fools Fall In Love?, a rocking bachelorette 60’s musical featuring an all-female cast, starting June 14 – July 28, 2013. We were given the unique opportunity to sit down with Carol Rose who stars as newly engaged Millie who is the main reason that her friends, Dee Dee, Sally, and Florence, have all come together in this impromptu bachelorette party. We were able to ask her our most burning questions, including the one that is on everyone’s mind, why DO fools fall in love?

Q. Being a St. Louis native, what brought you to the Windy City? 

A. Well, it goes back to college. I went to Illinois Wesleyan University and we took trips here as a class or just socially and I fell in love with the beauty, people and theatre of Chicago. I knew this is where I wanted to make my career. I love the artistry and the creativity of the Chicago theatre community.

Q. You performed in another production of Why Do Fools Fall in Love with another company, how does your current character Millie differ from the character that you played in the previous performance of Fools?

A. I played Flo the first time I did the show, Flo is quirky and kind of what I deem a sexy nerd. But Millie is very much a perfectionist who does things by the book and just wants to fit in. 

Q. How can you relate to Millie’s character? Are there any new challenges or obstacles that you face while playing a character like Millie? Carol Rose and her fiancee, Peter Durkin

A. Millie and I are very similar in our ways of wanting things to be a certain way- we are planners.  And we both have a hard time when something interferes with our plans. The major differences between Millie and myself are the times in which we live. Millie was a product of her generation and the socially accepted roles women were supposed to play in that day. I am much more modern and independent than Millie could have been without being…well Sally! 

Q.Rumor has it that you, like Millie, are engaged! Who is your fiancée? How did you two meet?

A. I am engaged!! My fiance is Peter Durkin (another Fox Valley Rep and Noble Fool Alumni) and he was my first friend at Illinois Wesleyan University. We started dating my senior year of college and now we are getting married in October!

Q. How would you describe the relationship between Millie and her friends, Sally, Florence, and Dee Dee?

A. I think Millie is the maternal and organized friend who gets a kick out of all of Sally’s stories and adventures and enjoys the silliness of Flo. Dee Dee is new to the group in the first act but I think that Millie finds a lot of hope in Dee Dee’s happiness.

Q. What is the environment like working alongside cast mates Stephanie Herman, Mary Margaret Roberts, and Carrie Weis?

A. It is a blast! We bonded very fast and we laugh all the time. We trust each other on stage to keep each other going if there are any mishaps.These girls are all so talented and so easy to work with, it is a treat to be a part of this group.

Q. What is your favorite part about the show Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

A. THE MUSIC! And Director Kyle Donahue has added a lot of dance and choreography to the show, which is a change from the first time I did it. But it really adds a whole new dynamic and a visual style that matches the nostalgia of the music.

Q. What sort of message or lesson do you hope patrons can take away from this show?

A. I think this is a story of friendship. And the main message is that good friends are the greatest gift and they support each other and push each other to get through life’s up and downs.

Q. And the age-old question, why do fools fall in love?

A. So we have something to sing about, of course! “I know of a fool you see, for that fool is ME!”


-Carol Rose, aka Millie in Fox Valley Rep’s “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?,” playing June 14 – July 28, 2013. For more info, visit

CAROL ROSE (Millie) is thrilled to be making her Fox Valley Rep debut! Most recently Carol was in the non-equity premier of Tomorrow Morning in northwest Indiana’s Towle Theatre. Before that you may have seen her as Marty in the Jeff Award winning production of The Original Grease at American Theatre Company.  Other favorite productions include Yonah in Children of Eden, Hope Cladwell in Urinetown, and Rona Lisa Peretti in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Professional companies include Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre, Circle Theatre, Weathervane Playhouse, St. Louis Shakespeare, The St. Louis Muny and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Carol is originally from St. Louis and a proud graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University with a BFA in Music Theatre. She is also super excited for her real life “big, big, big day” this fall!

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